“Therapy Sessions”

Atsumi offers you a wide range of additional therapies, specifically selected to best  support you in your transformation while you relax and enjoy your detox and wellness holiday in Phuket paradise.

Atsumi Holistic Body & Mind Therapies

Chi Nei Tsang & Karsai Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang is a deep Chinese abdominal massage that utilizes the Five Elements of Chinese medicine and focuses on the navel center of the body, training the organs to work more efficiently.


Karsai Nei Tsang uses hand techniques to open the abdominal and sexual palace. Also, use the Tok Sen, a 5000 years old traditional therapy to clear the blocked energy within the body using mechanical and sound vibration. It is especially suitable for people who often spend time on the computer.


It addresses all the vital systems of the body such as

●      Digestive

●      Respiratory

●      Lymphatic

●      Nervous

●      Endocrine

●      Urinary

●      Reproduce/sexual and muscular

●      (Iconic) + Migraines

●      (Iconic) + Headaches

Duration: 60 minutes

Pressure Point & Thai Traditional Massage and Medicine

Pressure Points are painful spots in the muscle tissue that radiate pain towards other areas. A pressure point is an indication that the body has experienced some form of physiological dysfunction. The treatment is combining of Thai Traditional Pressure Point Technique and a holistic Thai Traditional healing massage. It helps to treat the cause rather than the symptoms of an ailment. It directly solves through various maladies associated with the daily wear and tears on the body. reduce pain and settling in any specific area as below

●      Poor Posture & Increase Movement, such as                legs of different lengths.

●      Repetitive Mechanical Stress.

●      Acute trauma from activities (Back Pain)

●       Myofascial pain syndrome

●      Knee or Hip Osteoarthritis

●      Ankle Sprain & Heel Pain

Duration: 60 minutes

“Meet our extended family and dedicated part of our transformation team, the Practitioners & Coaches of Atsumi welcome you on your journey  with us, Said Atsumi Team”.

Atsumi Retreat Healing Center

Atsumi Healing Center comes up with the idea of Holistic Healing Place where people can come to relax, rest, and renew their health and vitality. Atsumi began to be the 1st Alternative Holistic Healing Center in Phuket Since 2003 for health improvement.

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34/18 Soi King Pattana 4,

Saiyuan Road, Rawai,  Mueang Phuket District,  Phuket 83130, Thailand

+66  94 615 1653

+66  94 615 1653

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