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The information on this page is designed to give you an understanding of the importance of cleansing your mind & body.

The main reason people come to The Atsumi Retreat Healing Center in Thailand is to “Fast & Cleanse” their system of physical & emotional toxins that accumulate from modern stressful lifestyles.


For those with little time or who want to “dip their toes in the water,” we also have four-day programs minimum. However, Most guests have come to Atsumi for fasts of 4 to 35 days. Of course, we would suggest ten days program, according to the average of guests staying.



The process is straightforward. Most guests do not experience any hunger and report a fantastic sense of wellbeing. Naturally, you will lose weight, usually one kilo per day for men, & half a kilo per day for women as a bonus effect from achieving a healthy routine with us during the stay.



While participating in our programs, we offer all the necessary herbs, cleansers, and naturally, much water consumption. The process is quite simple, and during this time, our Program Supervisors will give you all the advises and instructions. It is essential to approach your program experience with us in an informed and dedicated manner.

Atsumi Original Full Fast Program
Alternative Juice Cleanse Program
Signature Raw Cleanse Program
Atsumi Active Cleanse Program

What We Provide Once, We Received The Inquiry?

Health Assesment Questionnaires

(Advise & Support)

Booking Confirmation 

(To confirm the trip will be organized)

Pre-Cleanse Guideline

(Prepare for participating)

What make you think you need our program?

Are you looking for a new direction?
Be happier for yourself and others?
Stay younger & live longer?
Are you confused & lost?
Wish you could be better?
Live your life to fullest potential?
Enhanced performance levels in work?
Feel complete again after a broken?
Physical healing from an accident?
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If you answered “yes” to the above, then participating in one of our programs at Atsumi Healing is for you.

What is the difference between Full Fast, Juice Cleanse and Raw Cleanse Programs?

Our full fast and Juice cleanse program exists for healthy individuals.


Besides, Full fasting or Juice Cleansing is for those who wish to reduce inflammation and the related diseases including, potentially, heart disease and cancer – but is not directly for weight loss though this generally happens as a bonus effect.


We would not recommend the programs for those suffering health issues like adrenal fatigue (burnout syndrome), hypothyroidism, menstrual problems, blood sugar imbalances and of course any of the health issues outlined in our contraindications list. 


We strongly advise females under the age of 40, even if healthy, not to full fast for more than 10 days.


The raw diet was developed for fat loss as a low-calorie liver cleansing diet. We can generally only lose 1-2 kilo of fat per week.


This diet does in most cases but may not reduce the water like the full fast so that is why the scales fall faster on full fast due to water. The diet also allows training which is critical to weight loss and muscle earnings.

Do not worry if you are unsure which detoxing program to book, once you arrived at Atsumi you will meet with one of our program supervisors who will advise the program that suits you the most or you can ask for advise before via our direct contact below.

Atsumi Original Full Fast
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Atsumi Alternative Juice Cleanse
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Atsumi Signature Raw Cleanse
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Atsumi Active Cleanse
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Atsumi Retreat Healing Center

Atsumi Healing Center comes up with the idea of Holistic Healing Place where people can come to relax, rest, and renew their health and vitality. Atsumi began to be the 1st Alternative Holistic Healing Center in Phuket Since 2003 for health improvement.

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+66  94 615 1653

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