“Atsumi Alternative Juice Cleanse”

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Atsumi Alternative Juice Cleanse Program.

Atsumi Alternative Juice Cleanse is similar to the Full Fast. The majority of guests select a 7 to 10 days. This program offers a fast speed result to achieve by gradually introducing more the daily well-made fresh plus pure alkalizing juices as well as, the tablet-form supplements that act as premium supporters to your system. 


This program provides adequate time to cleanse and rejuvenates your mind and body intentionally. Hence, it brings out all the several benefits, such as calmness, feeling and being lighter, fat-loss, improved digestive track, improved respiratory system and enhanced excretory system, a bonus effect of weight loss, and many more.


The Juice Cleanse is an excellent option for guests who prefer to do more activities or for those who meet the contraindication to Atsumi Original Full Fast. As the extracts act as the source of powerful energy to refresh your body and to provide immune boosting, energy efficiency, and increase nutrients.


Primarily, this program includes the Colema procedure (Enema + Colonics) in a super-safe-traditional way, which is the gravity model and self-administered without a machine together with the hight quality Colema tip and a private room.


But do not worry, we also have a well-trained staff who will demonstrate the procedure for you on your first time.

What we requires?

Minimum: 4 days 

Suggestion: 7 - 10 Days

Condition: Contra-indication Approved 

The Benefits of Atsumi Program

More Delighted
More Productive
High-Quality of Sleep
Clear Vision
Increased Energy & Mental Focus
Balanced Hormone Production
Smoother & Clearer Skin
Reduced Aches & Pain
Effortless Weight loss
Improved Digestive System
Improved Bowel Function
Improved Respiratory System
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What Includes In The Package

  • Program Materials

    • High-Quality Organic Herbal cleansers

    • High-Quality Organic Herbal Supplement

    • High-Quality Nutritional Supplements

    • Unlimited Supply of Filtered drinking water.

    • Natural Organic Herbs and Drinks

    • Pure Alkalizing Juices (3 Bottles/day)

    • A Personal Kit of Hygienically Sealed Colema Tip & Gel.

    • Probiotics Caps & Implant Enema

    • Atsumi Shirt & Eco-Friendly Bag

    • Complimentary Salad (Arrival & Departure Day)

    • Atsumi Program Booklet

    • Raw Food Recipe (Take Home)

  • Facilities

    • Accommodation

    • Private Colema Room

    • Private Massage Hut

    • Swimming Pool

    • Herbal Steam Room

    • Guest Area

    • In-door/out-door Activity

  • Services

    • Daily Group Discussion

    • Daily Morning Activity

    • Daily Evening Activity

    • Once or Twice Daily Self-administered Colon Cleansing

    • Mind & Body Talks

    • Raw Food & Drink Workshop

    • Fasting Instruction, Support, & Advice

    • Daily Massage (1 hour)

    • Complimentary Facial Spa Treatment

    • Private Airport Transfers

    • Shuttle Bus for Beach Trip Daily

    • Weekly Phuket Sightseeings


Before commencing any of our program packages, it is essential to check on our Contraindication down below. As we will be able to offer you the right services as our company individually designs the program to suit best with our guests to achieve their goal as well as the best result.


Besides, Pre-cleansing is profoundly beneficial for people who want to do our programs. Most people choose to do on raw fruits, vegetables, juices, and light meals for a week or more before commencing the selected program.


If you meet with one of our contra-indications, please contact us directly through our email to get advised by our program reservation.

its the perfect place to be if you're looking for a total rejuvenation experience. I cut down smoking and lost 3 kilos in just 8 days. the staff is so friendly and professional, they're beautiful people. didn't want to leave the place except for the beach... with the sessions they offer from yoga to meditation, I felt like I was reborn. I chose the juice to cleanse, and yes it was just perfect. worth each penny, reviewed by Eman W.

Atsumi Retreat Healing Center

Atsumi Healing Center comes up with the idea of Holistic Healing Place where people can come to relax, rest, and renew their health and vitality. Atsumi began to be the 1st Alternative Holistic Healing Center in Phuket Since 2003 for health improvement.

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+66  94 615 1653

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