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Please be healthy and be safe 

"An Invitation To Transformation"

A Place to Relax, Rest & Renew your Health and Vitality

Welcome to the Way of Atsumi Healing

We invite you to start the journey of a life-changing experience for your Body, Mind & Spirit. We place a high emphasis on the benefits of Healing, Detoxing, Fasting, Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation throughout the Wellness & Retreat Lifestyles.


We also encourage you to enjoy the peace & quiet of the Atsumi Healing Center that has been operating over 16-year experience in Phuket, Thailand, where is renowned globally for its safety, climate, beaches, & friendly Thai culture.

What We Do & Why We Do It?

The Atsumi Healing Center in Phuket, Thailand is a place to relax, rest, and renew your health and vitality. We provide a selection of well-proven, safe, and effective Detox, Fasting, Retreat and Wellness programs. They come as Atsumi Original Full Fast, Alternative Juice Cleanse, Signature Raw Cleanse, and Active Cleanse, utilizing high-quality natural organic herbs and drinks. ​

Why Choose Us?

The 1st Completed Alternatives Holistic Retreat in Phuket

Well-proven, Safe & Effective Detox, and Fasting programs for over 16 years

A private Colonic Therapy Room

We limit the number of our guests for experiencing it more personal. But do not feel too isolated.

Qualified Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor

Well-trained Program Supervisors & Managerial Staff

Qualified Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Therapies

Completely situated away from roads, traffic noise, tourist activities, discos, no cooking smells, no cigarettes, no perfumes, just peace, and tranquility


Original Full Fast

SAVE UP TO 40% (7 DAYS+)

Starts from:

5,500 THB/DAY 

(Discount Applied)

Our most popular program with both first time and experienced fasters. The majority of guests select a 7 to 10 day. 


This program offers the fastest speed and the result to achieve by significantly concentrating on improving all of the mind and body system performances as well as, carefully introducing the tablet-form supplements that act as the finest supporters to your health system.


To be more precise, it will significantly help accelerating the removal of deeply stored toxic residue from the blood, Lymph system, Bowels, Joints, Liver, and Muscles. 


In return, it will strengthen your immune system, reduce visceral fat, remove parasites and worms, increase your energy and clarity, and restore the physical mental and emotional balances; A bonus effect of weight loss.

Remarks: Excluded Vat & Service Charges

Alternative Juice Cleanse

SAVE UP TO 40% (7 DAYS+)

Starts from:

5,500 THB/DAY 

(Discount Applied)

Atsumi Alternative Juice Cleanse is similar to the Full Fast. The majority of guests select 7 to 10 days. 


This program offers a fast speed result to achieve by gradually introducing more the daily well-made fresh plus pure alkalizing juices as well as, the tablet-form supplements that act as premium supporters to your system.  


This program provides adequate time to cleanse and rejuvenate your mind and body intentionally. Hence, it brings out all the several benefits, such as calmness, feeling and being lighter, fat-loss, improved digestive track, improved respiratory system and enhanced excretory system, a bonus effect of weight loss, and many more.


The Juice Cleanse is an excellent option for guests who prefer to do more activities or for those who meet the contraindication to Atsumi Original Full Fast. As the extracts act as the source of powerful energy to refresh your body and to provide immune boosting, energy efficiency,

Remarks: Excluded Vat & Service Charges

Signature Raw Cleanse

SAVE UP TO 40% (7 DAYS+)

Starts from:

5,500 THB/DAY 

(Discount Applied)

Raw Cleanse is a reliable introductory program for everyone who wants to test the water before fully committing to more restrictive cleanses. The majority of guests select 7 - 14 days. 


This program offers a moderate speed and sustainable result to achieve by critically emphasizing the eating behavior in a healthier way that comes with the well-selected Raw Vegan and Vegetarian meal rotations, which act as superior supporters to your system.


The Raw Cleanse is a perfect program for guests who want to avoid energy crashes while participating. Also, this program searches for a milder, healthy cleanse, and a kick-start to a new healthy lifestyle.


Significantly this program creates a decent and productive time to cleanse and rejuvenate your mind and body. Undoubtedly, various benefits are arising, such as calmness, feeling and being lighter, fat-loss, improved digestive track, improved respiratory system, and enhanced excretory system. Hence, weight loss is a bonus effect for those who are considering losing some weight as a sustain

Remarks: Excluded Vat & Service Charges

Active Cleanse

SAVE UP TO 40% (7 DAYS+)

Starts from:

5,500 THB/DAY 

(Discount Applied)

Active Cleanse is an excellent choice if you are looking to step back from a hectic and stressful life and need to recover, regain balance, relax, and renew energy. The majority of guests select 10 - 35 days. 


This program requires a longer time to achieve the result by mainly focusing on the activities to get fit and firm physically and mentally with the well-selected Raw Vegan and Vegetarian meal rotations that act as superior supporters to your system.


Precisely, this program gives a slow result but steadily provides prolific time to cleanse and rejuvenate your mind and body. It offers various benefits, such as calmness, feeling delighted, getting fit, fat-loss, gained muscles, improved digestive tract, respiratory system, and excretory system. Hence, weight loss is a bonus effect for those who are considering to lose some weight as a long term goal.

Remarks: Excluded Vat & Service Charges

What Includes In The Package

  • Program Materials

    • High-Quality Organic Herbal Cleanser

    • High-Quality Organic Herbal Supplement

    • High-Quality Nutritional Supplements

    • Natural Organic Herbs and Drinks

    • Pure Alkalizing Juices (3 Bottles/Day)

    • Raw Vegan Food (3 Meals/ Day)

    • A Personal Kit of Hygienically Sealed Colema Tip & Gel.

    • Probiotics Caps & Implant Enema

    • Atsumi Shirt & Eco-Friendly Bag

    • Complimentary Salad (Arrival & Departure Day)

    • Atsumi Program Booklet

    • Raw Food Recipe (Take Home)

  • Facilities

    • Accommodation

    • Private Colema Room

    • Private Massage Hut

    • Swimming Pool

    • Herbal Steam Room

    • Guest Area

    • In-door/out-door Activity

  • Services

    • Daily Group Discussion

    • Daily Morning Activity

    • Daily Evening Activity

    • Once or Twice Daily Self-administered Colon Cleansing

    • Mind & Body Talks

    • Raw Food & Drink Workshop

    • Fasting Instruction, Support, & Advice

    • Daily Massage (1 hour)

    • Complimentary Facial Spa Treatment

    • Private Airport Transfers

    • Shuttle Bus for Beach Trip Daily

    • Weekly Phuket Sightseeings


"Original Full Fast"

"I have just had a five-night stay at Atsumi and one of the best experiences of my life. Very professional staff, always available for any questions or concerns you may have. A very very relaxing property with all the amenities you would expect in this sort of accommodation. Sauna, pool, Yoga Sala, Gym and Colema rooms. The property is a classic Thai style and really relaxing. The walks, excursions, and classes are all in place to regenerate your energy and are offered so as we may have the inspiration to go forth and change your life. I came away completely rejuvenated and will definitely return. The staff is very friendly and relaxed which all goes toward one being able to completely refresh yourself and slow down. The accommodations are very adequate and in my opinion very much in keeping with the overall theme of this property. This is not a resort but a Healing Center in the purest form, reviewed by Kim.

"Alternative Juice Cleanse"

Just over 12 months ago I did a Detox program at Atsumi. During the last 12 months, I have lost 23 kilos. The experience I had there transformed my life. The program is not just about actually doing the Detox but ensuring that you have the purpose in your mind to go home and continue with the resolve to change all of the bad eating habits that we have and get a few good exercising disciplines in place. Reduce alcohol intake and put some joy and sense of achievement back into your life. Atsumi can only guide us in the right direction...the real transformation must come from the will required to make the positive changes that must occur, Said Kim via Tripadvisor.

"Signature Raw Cleanse"

This was my 4th visit to Atsumi to experience their raw food and full fast programs. Set in humble, natural and tranquil surroundings, Atsumi gives you every opportunity to relax and focus on wellness for your body and mind. Anna and the team at Atsumi are exceptionally kind and very personalized in their approach to each person's needs/goals, reviewed by Nebden via Tripadvisor.

"Active Cleanse"

I spent two weeks at Atsumi I can not recommend it highly enough. It exceeded my expectations by far. Anna, the owner, and founder is the most wonderful lady and has done an amazing job of starting and building this beautiful place for a wonderful experience. The adventure is life-changing, and it’s all down to the staff and the surroundings. They all individually have something different to bring to you, including the yoga and meditation teachers. The villas are lovely and clean in beautiful gardens. If you are looking for a retreat with a little something extra, don’t think twice!, said Tina via Tripadvisor.


SAVE UP 40% 


"Everything we do at Atsumi Healing makes a difference to how we look, to how we feel, and to how we perform. We are in the pursuit of total wellness and happiness - Said John & Anna, the founders".

Atsumi Retreat Healing Center

Atsumi Healing Center comes up with the idea of Holistic Healing Place where people can come to relax, rest, and renew their health and vitality. Atsumi began to be the 1st Alternative Holistic Healing Center in Phuket Since 2003 for health improvement.

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34/18 Soi King Pattana 4,

Saiyuan Road, Rawai,  Mueang Phuket District,  Phuket 83130, Thailand

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+66  94 615 1653

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